Imagining and building a new world together
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Through the practice of meditation we can re-create ourselves, our attitude to life and our environment. All over the world people are meditating daily on six simple, yet profound ideas. Our aim is to bring these into a living and practical reality. They are:

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Experiencing the oneness of all life that unites us through the common bond of our caring and compassion.


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Meditating on unanimity increases our awareness of our place in the grand scheme of things.

"One World, our inner and outer world connect us with each other and the whole planet whether we are aware of this or not. The wonder and beauty of life connects us with all that is."



We live and move within an all embracing network of unanimity. The presence of unanimity surrounds us all. Everything that we do contributes to the team work of now. What we do matters because we inherited a legacy from our ancestors and we are constantly building a legacy for our future.

Listen to examples of the quality of unanimity.

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“Unanimity is an evolving awareness of the part we play and the contribution we make in Life.”