Imagining and building a new world together
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Through the practice of meditation we can re-create ourselves, our attitude to life and our environment. All over the world people are meditating daily on six simple, yet profound ideas. Our aim is to bring these into a living and practical reality. They are:

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The spark within all creation


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Experiencing the interconnectedness of all life gradually reveals to us the presence of essential divinity.  An experience of essential divinity.

The purpose of life is to uncover our hidden sparks of light and restore the world to its original wholeness.’

   - Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen



We are being invited to become global citizens recognising the essence of divinity that unifies and includes all of creation.

 Listen to an example of essential divinity in action.

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A letter thought to be from Albert Einstein to his daughter on the Universal Force of Love

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"A group is not just a gathering of people; it is an evolving field of consciousness and understanding."