Imagining and building a new world together

 “A person who is able to be a living centre of peace in today’s world and who is able to radiate that peace powerfully, ceaselessly, will be in a position to give needy humankind the benefit it lacks most and is in greatest need of”

 - Roberto Assagioli


The International Creative Meditation Group was initiated in the 50’s, by Dr. Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis. He was aided by Nancy Magor and Michal Eastcott. The motivation was twofold.


Firstly, the desire to create a network of individuals and groups throughout the world that would simultaneously and synchronistically meditate on the same six seed thoughts to create the beliefs and ideas that would serve as a foundation for right relationships and a peaceful world.  Secondly, the desire to create a psychologically sound training in meditation for the western psyche.

The centre of the International Group for Creative Meditation was originally at Sundial House, Tunbridge Wells, England. The initial concept for the International Association of Creative Meditation (IACM) was planted by Michal Eastcott, in 1993 - 94. From there the work has spread to Europe, North and South America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.


As a global network of meditators, the IACM vision continues, consciously bringing into living awareness the ‘seed thoughts’ that have been used by the group for over half a century.  They are: Right human relationships - Goodwill - Group Endeavour - Unanimity - Spiritual approach - Essential Divinity. Starting in January the world group gives two months to each theme.

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“The word ‘spiritual’ has nothing to do with the use of the word as the orthodox religions use it, except in so far as the religious expression is a part of the general spirituality of mankind. Everything is spiritual which tends towards understanding, towards kindness, towards that which is productive of beauty and which can lead man on to a fuller expression of his divine potentialities.”

- The Group for Creative Meditation

Booklet on the history and aim of The Group for Creative Meditation.


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